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Personal Savings Account

Plan For Your Future

Visit your local Community Bank branch to open a new savings account.

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Build your emergency fund or save for your dream vacation. Whatever your life goals may be, begin saving with a Personal Savings account.

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Youth Savings

Teach the value of savings to the next generation with a Youth Savings account. Students in 1st through 12th grade are eligible to participate in our annual Earn While You Learn program. 

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Health Savings

Invest in your health. Save funds to pay for approved healthcare expenses with a Health Savings checking account. 

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Earn While You Learn Program

Youth Savings customers (1st through 12th grade) can present their end-of-the-year report cards during the months of June, July, or August to earn $2 for every top grade¹ they've received per main subject during the school year 
  •   $25 minimum balance required to obtain the Annual Percentage Yield and the bonus.
  • Report cards3 must be presented at the local Community Bank branch during the months of June, July, or August of the same year of the dated report card.
  • Bonus will be deposited on the same business day that the report card is reviewed (and is deposited directly to Youth Savings Account).
  • Youth Savings Account must be open at the time the bonus is paid.
  • Current Youth Savings customers that turn 18 during their senior year can still receive the bonus as long as they have continued to maintain an open savings account.

¹ Top grades include any grade of an "A" (A-, A, or A+). Bonus paid once per main school subject per grading period. If no final grade is given for a main subject, grades from subcategories will be averaged to determine main subject final grade. Top grades should be noted on report card and could include "4" or "E" for excellent, or any other grade explained on report card to be the top grade for that grading system.

2 Up to $50 annually per student. The bonus is treated as interest and the student will receive a 1099-INT form following the end of the year.

3 Report cards must be originals, no copies please.