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Debit Card Management

A Debit Card Made For You

Conveniently pay for everyday purchases using your Community Bank debit card. Simply "tap to pay" at terminals that support contactless payments. Track your transactions with Digital Banking and establish spending limits within the Card Valet App. 
Turn your debit card off temporarily if misplaced, while researching transactions within Digital Banking or to prevent your card from being used for any other reason until you turn the card back on. Report your debit card as lost or stolen with Digital Banking.

Protect Your Debit Card With the Card Valet App

In today's environment it has never been more important to protect your cards, and yourself, from fraud. The Card Valet app provides you with total control over your debit card with these fraud prevention and spending control capabilities: 
  • Receive purchase alerts in real time
  • Limit transactions to certain geographic areas 
  • Instantly lock your card from making transactions
  • Establish spending limits for general use or by store category
Download the free CardValet® app for Apple or Google.

Connect Your Debit Card to Your Mobile Wallet

Connect your Community Bank debit card to the Apple PayTM, Samsung WalletTM, or Google PayTM app to complete purchases using your phone, tablet, watch or laptop. Mobile wallet is a safe and secure way to make contactless purchases using your mobile device or smart watch. Avoid touching the point of sale terminal and cash by paying with your mobile wallet! To learn how to add your card to your mobile wallet, click the icon below that is applicable to your mobile device. 

Apple pay badgegoogle pay badgeSamsung pay image

Please note that we require all cards to be verified before they can be used in mobile wallet. To complete the verification process, you may call the number on the screen prompts, or you may call your local branch

Cash Back Rewards

If you have 10 qualifying purchases1 post and settle to your account during the reward period2 you'll receive 10 cents for each purchase over $103.

Example. If you have 30 qualifying purchases post and settle to your account during the month of January and 25 of the purchases are for more than $10 - we'll credit your account with $2.50 by the fifth business day4 in February. The rewards post to your account as "Debit Card Cash Back".5

If you do not have ten (10) or more qualifying purchases during the Reward Period or if you change or close your account6 you may not qualify7 for Debit Card Cash Back rewards. Contact your local branch for more information or if you have questions regarding rewards computation.

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  1. Follow the on screen instructions within your Apple PayTM, Samsung WalletTM, or Google PayTM app on your device to verify your debit card. 
  2. Once your card has been set-up, the card number is replaced with a unique code, meaning your card number is never shared. When shopping at your favorite retailer, look for the contactless icon. 
  3. Hover the top of your device near the terminal and follow the on screen instructions to pay. 
  • If you believe your debit card was misplaced you can temporarily "turn the card off" within your Digital Banking app. 
  • If you believe your card is lost or stolen call your local branch (After hours call 833-412-3817)

To activate your debit card, call 800-992-3808. 

1. Reward Criteria – In order to qualify for Debit Card Cash Back Rewards, a minimum of 10 Qualifying Transactions (PIN/Signature debit card transactions in any amount), must post and settle to the account during the Reward Period. ATM transactions and pending debit card transactions do not count toward the 10 required Qualifying Transactions and do not earn Rewards.
2. Reward Period – The Reward Period is the first business day of the calendar month through the last business day of the calendar month. Rewards will be paid by the fifth (5th) business day of the following month.
3. Reward Payment – If the account qualifies for and earns Rewards, the Reward will be paid (credited to the account) by the fifth (5th) business day of the following month.
4. Business Day – Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
5. Reward – A $.10 Reward will be paid on each PIN/Signature debit card transaction in the amount of $10 or more (including any in the first 10 Qualifying Transactions) posted and settled to the account during the Reward Period. ATM transactions and pending debit card transactions do not earn Rewards.
6. Product Change or Account Closure – Rewards on eligible debit card transactions are forfeited and will not be paid if the account is changed to a product that does not have the Rewards feature, or if the account is closed.
7. Failure to Qualify for Rewards - If the account does not qualify for Rewards during a Reward Period, all other account terms and conditions still apply. If Community Bank has a valid e-mail address on file for this account, Community Bank may, as a courtesy, notify you using your e-mail address that you do not qualify for Rewards. Community Bank reserves the right not to provide notifications of failure to qualify for Rewards for any reason, including the lack of a valid e-mail address associated with the account.