Remote Deposit

Our Remote Deposit Capture service features some of the latest advances in banking technology, allowing your business to deposit checks quickly and easily, using just a computer, software and a special check scanner.

  • Deposit checks online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Scan and deposit multiple checks with ease
  • Receive same day credit for deposits

Key Benefits

Depositing checks with Remote Capture offers considerable advantages - you can:

  • Save Time: Eliminate time-consuming trips to the bank to deposit checks
  • Save Money: Reduce staff and transportation expenses
  • Improve Cash Flow: Deposit checks as you receive them, rather than waiting to take them to the bank

What It Costs

Just $35 per month for an unlimited number of items.

Community Bank will provide a scanner at no charge unless the service is cancelled within the initial two year of service. If cancelled within the inital two years of service a $495 termination fee will apply - but your business will retain ownwership of the device. 


Call or visit your local Community Bank branch for more information.