Cost of Services

The Following Fees May Apply


ATM/Community Bank (per transaction)

No Charge

ATM/all other (per transaction)


Bank-To-Bank (FI-toFI) Outgoing Transfer Credit via Online Banking


Bounce Paid Overdraft Item Fee


*Cashier's Checks (over the counter)


Chargeback (per item)


Checking Account Reconciliation

$10.00 per hour (if bank error, no charge)

Collection (Incoming or Outgoing)


Counter Checks (encoded, per page of 4 checks)


Debit Card Replacement


Dormant Account Monthly Charge 


Duplicate Statements $5.00

Early Closure (checking or savings account closed within 60 days of opening)


Garnishments and Tax Levies


Image Binder 


Image Statement for EZ checking (monthly)


IRA Transfer Fee (transfer to another Financial Institution)


Key Deposit (Night drop and Safe Deposit box, no charge if fee is returned)


Loan History (Computer Printouts)


*Money Orders (issued up to $1,000.00)


Night Depository

Fee varies upon bag type

Online Banking access (Personal)

No Charge

Online Bill Pay access (Personal)

No Charge

Online Banking access (Business)

No Charge

Online Bill Pay access (Business)

$5.95 per month, first 15 monthly payments free, then $0.45 each additional

Overdraft Paid Item Fee $32.00

*Photocopies (regular size per copy)


*Photocopies (ledger size per copy)


Research Services (per hour, minimum 1 hour)


Return Item Fee $32.00

Savings Withdrawal (after 9th one in each quarter)


Statement Reproduced from Image - Text Only


Statement Reproduced from Image - Text & Images


Statement on CD - Monthly


Statement on CD - Quarterly


Statement on CD - Annually


*Stop Payment


Sweep Transfer - per transfer 


Temporary Statements


Wire Transfers (incoming)


Wire Transfers (outgoing)


Wire Transfers (International, incoming) 


Wire Transfers (International, outgoing) 


*No Charge for these services with certain Interest Bearing Demand Accounts