Commercial Lending

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Our dedicated lenders are ready to help determine the credit solutions that best fit your needs, and to do it faster and better than our competitors. Our customers get the best of both worlds: a comprehensive range of products and services that exceed your expectations, and the local decision-making that gets you a quick answer.

Operating Lines of Credit
Flexible and convenient credit lines can assist with smoothing out the seasonal cash flow cycle of your business. If your line doesn't require a draw request, you can easily access the money in your credit line by transferring funds via Netteller online banking service, initiating a telephone transfer to your checking account, or writing a check up to your available credit limit.
Real Estate Purchases & Refinancing
If your business plan involves the expansion of a current facility or the purchase of a new one, it takes a Community Banker to help navigate you through the purchase process. We discuss loan structure and documentation, environmental concerns, appraisals, and other items specifically related to commercial real estate. Our Bankers give you hands-on service you need.
Commercial Term Loans
Whether it's time to upgrade your equipment, inject working capital, or consolidate business debt into one convenient payment, Community Bank can structure payment plans to fit your cash flow stream, and best fit your financial needs. Our Bankers can help you leverage your company's success and fuel your growth and profitability.
Construction Financing
Community Bank provides credit facilities to finance the construction phase of commercial and industrial projects. This often requires temporary loans. Lot, land and bridge loans can assist in the acquisition of the land during the early stages of planning leading to the actual construction phase of your project.

USDA Guaranteed Loans
Community Bank can work with the USDA to provide loan guarantees for projects that provide jobs and facilities improvements in rural areas. We are one of the leading USDA lenders in the state of Oregon and can help identify if your project can work within the various programs offered by the USDA. We also offer a variety of financing options through various state sponsored programs for businesses of all sizes.

Small Business Administration Loans
Your loan needs for real estate, business acquisition or permanent working capital can easily be financed through SBA 7(a) and SBA 504 programs that offer longer terms and lower down payments. Our lenders will work with you to determine if your needs meet the terms of these programs. We also offer a variety of financing options through various state sponsored programs for businesses of all sizes.