Local Business Solutions

Community Bank is big on business. We strive to help your business thrive and succeed year after year by providing you the services that work best for you. 
Providing Solutions that Save
  • Lower checking fees than most financial institutions in the region
  • Free comparisons to show how much you can save (2 months statements needed)
  • Competitively priced lending solutions
Partnering With You to Help Your Business Succeed
Local Money Working for Local People
  • Commitment to our community with donations for events and non-profits
  • Employees volunteer for community programs with over 3,000 hours annually bank wide
  • Funds invested are used to lend to home buyers and businesses in this area
  • We support local businesses for our own business needs whenever possible

Starting a New Business? 
When it comes to organizing your business structure, you have a lot of options. Learn the differences between sole props, LLCs, and incorporation, then get ready to license your business in the USA. To begin the coach session, click "Get Started," then just follow along. 

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